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Curity™ Ultramer™ Red Rubber Urethral Catheter, Hydrogel-Coated 16Fr Coude, 16″ L



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SKU: COVI-8404


Type: Urethral

Tip: Coude

Lubrication: Hydrogel-Coated

Material: Red Rubber

Size: 16Fr

Length: 16″

Balloon Capacity: 5cc

Curity™ Ultramer Urethral Red Rubber Coude Catheter features a curved catheter tip. This is ideal for a patient with an enlarged prostate to control and ease the insertion of the catheter.

  • Hydrogel coated to provides lubricious surface.
  • Two large, opposing eyes maximize urine flow.
  • Coude tip enhances ability to insert catheter in male patients.




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