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Infyna Chic™ Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter, 12 fr, 5″



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SKU: HOLL-811230


The Infyna Chic™ intermittent catheter offers a unique combination of color, design, and discretion to help blend in with a woman’s life. It was designed with input from clinicians to help provide a high level of discretion and is both beautiful and easy to use. The Infyna Chic catheter can help a woman feel better about having to use one.


  • Discreet to carry
  • Flip-top cap on catheter case can be opened and closed with one hand
  • Just right catheter stiffness helps support easy, touch-free insertion
  • Catheter length helps give confidence that the bladder is fully drained
  • Ready to use, hydrophilic catheter
  • Does not stain common fabrics* if the contents are spilled.
  • Does not leak liquid when reclosed



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