Hartmann-Conco Proximel™ Silicone Dressing, with Border, 4″ x 4″



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SKU: HART-14200000-S
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Proximel™ Dressing has a unique five-layer design that helps reduce complications, enhance patient comfort, and promote optimal wound care and healing.

  • Gentle on patients’ skin to reduce irritation and pain, enabling the dressing to be changed without stripping epidermal cells.
  • Can be lifted or repositioned without leakage or loosening.
  • Small perforations in the absorptive pad reduce risks of in-growth.
  • Minimizes maceration.
  • Evenly distributes fluid across dressing.
  • Waterproof barrier seals out bacteria.
  • Uses: Pressure ulcers, leg and foot ulcers, traumatic wounds, surgical wounds, donor sites, skin tears, first and second degree burns, on dry/necrotic wounds in combination with gels.



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