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Dale Hold-N-Place® Adhesive Patch Foley Catheter Holder, One Size, Latex-Free



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Dale Hold-N-Place® Foley Catheter Holders feature a patented locking system that securely anchors the catheter in place, reducing the risk of urethral erosion, bladder spasms and trauma. The locking devices speed up application and simplify adjustment. This helps minimize patient tampering, and facilitates catheter traction. Reduces the incidence of catheter pull-through by keeping tubing secured.

  • Dale Hold-N-Place® Foley Catheter Holder is latex-free and has Velcro® closure.
  • Surgical stretch material is gentle on skin, eliminating the risk of irritation and potential infections as a result of skin tears from tape.
  • The adhesive patch, made of a skin-friendly adhesive base can be written on to record patient data.
  • Holders can be used with equal effectiveness on all foley catheters including silver and silicone coated catheters.



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