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Coloplast Assura® Urostomy Night Drainage Bag with Anti-Reflux Valve 2,000 mL



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SKU: COLO-21365


Coloplast Assura® Urostomy Night Bag with Anti-Reflux Valve 2 L, 120cm L Tube, Extra-Large, Sterile, Includes Fixed Connector, Holds up to 2 L with 120cm Long Flexible Cuttable Tube

The Assura® Urostomy Night Bag includes a fixed connector that fits directly to the SenSura and Assura Urostomy Bag. The Coloplast® Urostomy Night Bag holds up to 2 liters and has 120 cm long flexible tube with anti-reflux valve.

  • Use with SenSura® and Assura® urostomy bag.
  • Holds up to 2 L.
  • 120 cm long flexible tube with anti-reflux valve.



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